Entering Hiatus until further notice

David Butler  — 1 year, 5 months ago
I really hate to do this, but its been over two months since I've been able to do any work on this. I would have put the project into hiatus sooner but I was expecting things for me to lighten up. Hopefully I'll be back in a couple months but who knows. -- Take Care
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February Update

David Butler  — 1 year, 7 months ago
Hello Everyone:

Not a real update, but just wanted to remind people that I haven't dropped dead, and I am still working on the project. Been very busy in my personal and professional life, so I don't have time to write the blog post that you all deserve :( For what it is worth, i'm done prototyping all the GUI code that I was going to do and I have started re-implementing the humbug UI with my new stuff.

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Hello Everyone:

Again, this month I haven’t had much time to devote to HUMBUG. <INSERT LAME EXCUSES HERE> I did however get a couple good days and have inched forward on getting the GUI code done. I have a fairly full featured text box widget. I am pretty happy with it, it does undo, mouse select, and fully functional line editing. I was initially going to try to use STB’s text edit, but I actually decided that it would be much simpler for me to just implement what I needed from scratch. I also have scrolling panels now ...
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No update for December

David Butler  — 1 year, 9 months ago
Hello Everyone :)

I hope you all are keeping warm this winter, nestled cozy near a warm hearth while listening to the long anticipated new episodes of JACS. I am just dropping in to say that I am still here and I'm sorry for the abrupt radio silence (and lack of streams). Things got busy very quickly after my last update and I haven't had much time/energy reserved for HB development. It’s most likely that it will be the middle of January before I start streaming like I was again. I have to be honest, the break ...
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November update:

David Butler  — 1 year, 10 months ago
Hello Everyone:

TL;DR: I have been hard at work over the past few weekends trying to get HUMBUG to a releasable state. Skip to the last paragraph for a brief summary of accomplishments. Hopefully I’ll be done with user interface stuff by the time I do the next update… well see :)

Long version:

Most all of the open complaints that I have from testers are issues with the the user interface. This is primarily because I didn't spend a lot of time trying to make a good user interface, but instead I just wanted to make something ...
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I think that this has all the things needed for a competent watch window. There are a few more exotic things that I would like to add on as extra features, but Im really tired of working on it, so just want to move on to addressing some of the other issues.

I was expecting to be done with the watch window at the beginning of the month, but it seemed to keep dragging on. I was really hitting the limits of the GDB Machine Interface protocol implementing the symbol search, ended up having to scrape the data out of ...
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First off, i'm super pumped to have HUMBUG confirmed as a real project on HMN

Mostly misc things changed since last update:
  • Better indication of current running status and reasons for stopping
  • Loading the binary and run/rerun were separated in order to handle PIE binaries, you should only load once with PIE, because every time you load, your functions will be at a different address and that "breaks" the breakpoints.
  • Also added a start/restart button, which automates the common task of stopping the executable at the entrypoint. (instead of having to do 'b main')
  • Collapse-able threads. This ...
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